Sustainable farming for megacities


Food is one of the most fundamental elements of human existence. Looking back, the way we produce, store and consume food has evolved greatly. Humans have thrived because our ancestors learnt how to gather, produce and consume food, all with their bare hands. And mankind has sustained due to these crucial elements of knowledge passed through generations. With industrialization came mass production, and with mass production came an influx of consumers - who started paying instead. Skills and crafts related to agriculture and food production are now mostly obsolete in the urbane environment. Mass consumerism through supermarkets and even online mediums is slowly changing how we perceive, acquire and consume food.


This has raised issues like overconsumption, poor quality, high wastage and an over-dependence on manufacturing agencies. In the long run our perception of fresh foods/fruits will be completely eroded by advertisements and fancy packaging, which can have irreversible impacts on health, and hence, the human evolution cycle.


The time to intervene is now.


As a designer how can you bring farming to the cities where people can see, participate or celebrate cultivation - and understand what they eat, much better? Where not only awareness related to food is available, but as a community we become more responsible for our actions. How can you change the image of cities as the ones that only consume, to ones that contribute too? Or make farming so easy for people using technologies of today that makes it easy for people to grow it in their homes? Urban meal mine1(n), is a place where people can generate/learn/contribute to grow food for their city. This is usually located in the heart of the city where skilled labour + abundant transport + short distance logistics + faster production technologies can break even revenue over the high cost land it occupies.


Additional materials will be available to the registered participants from the registration page.



1st Prize

Reward of 1500$, trophy + certificate + publication

2 Runner ups

750$ Cash + trophy + certificate + publication

People's choice award

Reward of 500$, trophy + certificate + publication to 1 Professional & 1 Student

10 Honorable mentions

Each honorable mention gets a medal + certificate and our biannual digest of UNFUSE ( 4 x student & 6 x professional)


All medal holders, and winners will get an elaborate section of publishing in the UNFUSE 2019 design book, and on our partner websites

Exhibition of Entries

30 E- certificate - Entries promoted through partner websites


Late Registration: 20th November 2018

Students 40$ | Professional 60$


Closing of Registration: 20th November 2018


Submission of Entries: 30th November 2018


Public Voting  Begins: 05th December 2018


Display of Shortlisted Entries: 01st January 2019


Public Voting Ends: 09th January 2019


Result announcement: 10th January 2019


The submission of the entry has to happen on our submission portal at only with the format given on the website. No other mode of submissions will be accepted. In order to avoid last minute rush, plan and try uploading your entries prior to the submission deadline .

  • A maximum 6 – A3 sheets in digital format (JPEG) (120ppi). Minimum requisites in the sheets (For a complete submission): Site plan (Compulsory), Key conceptual sections x 2 (Minimum), 3D views x 3 (Minimum / Should include 1 aerial view), Elevation x
  • Cover image of size 1500 x 600 px or larger in aspect ratio 1 : 2.5.
  • Floor plans, images, sketches  (if any) can be added to support the entry in the form of additional images.


  1. The competition is open to all students and professionals (Worldwide).
  2. Minimum eligible age for participation is 18 years.
  3. This competition is open for both students and professionals.
  4. Team size is maximum of 4 members per team.
  5. All disciplines are eligible.
  6. Team: Teams with all student participants (with valid id’s required) will be categorized under student teams.
  7. Teams with even one professional participant will be categorized under professional team.


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